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Have you heard about the Pelleve treatment for Wrinkle Reduction? It’s a safe and effective non-surgical facelift that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, according to medical studies. Unlike other skin tightening procedures, Pelleve doesn’t require skin cooling, needles, drugs, or anaesthetics since the discomfort and side effects are so minimal! Some patients experience an “after treatment glow” or skin redness that goes away after a few hours.

Pelleve works with all skin types and is ideal for both men and women. Because Pellevé is so gentle, it is safe to use year-round, regardless of how tan your skin is or how long you have been in the sun.


  •  The Pelleve treatment system uses radiofrequency technology to revitalize the skin below the surface, which stimulates your body to naturally produce new collagen on its own.
  •  Even thirty to sixty days after treatment your body is still working to naturally refresh and grow new collagen.
  •  A series of treatments spaced out every 4 weeks is an average treatment schedule to produce optimal results for a total of 3-5 procedures. Everyone has unique needs and body types, so make sure to schedule your Pelleve appointment with Dr. Axline to get the ustom plan that best fits your body and goals.

Real Results:

Get firmer – smoother skin in no time. Treating the entire face takes about 45-60 minutes, and specific areas can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Take a look at the real results below to see the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System in action:

Pelleve Skin Tightening - See the results!

Pelleve Skin Tightening - Start Today!

Pelleve Skin Tightening - Build Collagen Naturally!


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