Vitamins and supplements, when managed properly, have proven to be powerful tools for improving a body’s physical well being. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, increase your stamina, control your weight, boost your metabolism, or achieve a better overall sense of well-being, the right combination and dosage of supplements with your doctor’s care can result in profound health benefits.

With so many supplement providers on the market, how is one to decide? Dr. Axline has solved this for his patients and recommends Metagenic Supplements. To understand the value of supplements produced by Metagenics, let’s start with a short primer on supplements and vitamins and then we will let you in on the benefit of taking Metagenic supplements under Dr. Axline’s care.



Vitamins are important to your overall health maintenance, including, but not limited to, your metabolism.

What are vitamins? By definition, a vitamin is one of a group of organic substances that is present in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs. Vitamins are essential to normal metabolism. If we do not take enough of any kind of vitamin, certain medical conditions can result.

Fast facts about vitamins

  •         There are 13 known vitamins
  •         Vitamins are either water-soluble or fat-soluble
  •         Fat-soluble vitamins are easier for the body to store than water-soluble vitamins
  •         Vitamins always contain carbon, so are “organic”
  •         Food is the best source of vitamins, but some people may be advised by a physician to use supplements




Fruits and vegetables are two of the best sources for a range of important vitamins. However, if you are not able to get enough vitamins from your diet, you may be advised by a physician to use supplements to make up the difference.

Warning: Not all supplements are created equal.

If you are considering taking supplements, there are a few things you should know before you go to the store and start grabbing bottles off the shelves.

The nutraceutical industry is not regulated. Therefore, if you’re shopping for over-the-counter (OTC) vitamin supplements, you will find it difficult to pick products off the shelf and compare them apples to apples.

For example, although there are several bottles labeled “fish oil supplements” at any given pharmacy or supermarket, not all fish oil supplements are the same. Some of them contain heavy lead and metals. Probiotics have this same issue, also. The truth is, it’s hard to really know what you’re getting when you’re shopping for vitamin supplements over the counter.  

Besides that, many lower-priced supplements are made in Asia by companies that do not adhere to the strict requirements to which American companies are held.

This is why we recommend that you consult a qualified physician or nutritionist to help you navigate the complex nutraceutical world and point you to the right supplements for you.  



Dr. Axline recommends Metagenics supplements to his patients because he knows what’s in each supplement and he trusts their integrity. Metagenics works with top-level institutions throughout the United States that are pioneering research in clinical nutrition to develop advanced supplements. Unlike drugstore vitamin brands, Metagenics practices label transparency and uses only the purest ingredients on the planet.

Fast facts about Metagenics

  • Metagenics tests every batch of ingredients to ensure it meets the claims on the label
  • They currently offer over 350 gluten-free products, over 120 vegetarian products, and over 310 non-GMO products
  • All products contain no artificial sweeteners and their colors are derived from all-natural sources

In addition to being committed to supporting the global community and doing their part to create a more sustainable future, Metagenics is also in the business of empowering medical practitioners such as Dr. Axline with education on the latest advances in clinical nutrition through seminars, webinars, and special events. This ensures that doctors will prescribe the proper supplement to satisfy the needs of individual patients.

Learn more about Metagenics here.


Get started with Metagenics

If Metagenics sounds right for you, contact Dr. Axline to set up a consultation to discuss your health needs and goals. Together you will develop a vitamin strategy and regimen to optimize your health.

As a patient of Dr. Axline, you will be treated with the specialty care that he and his caring staff provide. He will help determine what your body needs and not only prescribe the correct vitamins procured by a company he knows and trusts, but also set you up with an ongoing maintenance program and work with you to maximize your short- and long-term health goals.

Ready to get started? Contact Dr. Axline’s office at  (972) 538-2100 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping set you on the right course for better health!

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