We learn to drive by taking a driver’s ed course. We go to marriage counseling before getting married. We study to receive degrees and specialized certifications before starting jobs in our areas of expertise. It makes sense that we would take a class before embarking on one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences: preparing for a baby.

Prenatal education classes are designed to equip you and your partner with confidence as you journey through parenthood. We want to help ease your worries, walk you through the basics, and arm you with resources. We believe our prenatal education classes will help you adapt to life with a newborn and be the best parents to your baby.

We recommend taking these classes at least four to six weeks before your due date. Even if you’ve given birth before, we know a refresher course won’t hurt!

Prepared Childbirth Class
Worried about staying relaxed through contractions? This is the class for you. We strongly recommend this course, especially for first-time parents. We’ll learn about the stages of labor, tips for keeping you relaxed and comfortable, and techniques for breathing. We’ll talk about induction, cesarean birth, and anesthesia. We’ll share postpartum care and recovery tips for transitioning into motherhood. This class will leave you and your partner feeling empowered as you head into labor and beyond. It can be stretched between two evenings of three-hour classes, or a one-day class totaling six hours.

Our three-hour breastfeeding class is taught by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and focuses on supporting new moms during their breastfeeding journey. We’ll talk about pumping and proper milk storage, building a milk supply for when you return to work, latching, helping engorgement, and positioning tips.

Baby Care & Infant CPR
Nervous about changing your baby’s diaper or swaddling them for the first time? We’ve got you! Our 3.5-hour class will teach the basics of caring for your newborn. We’ll talk all things swaddles, diapers, and food. We’ll learn how to soothe your baby and watch for issues like SIDS. We’ll go over infant CPR and choking. We’ll hear from a local pediatrician who will share tips on picking your child’s doctor, vaccinating your baby, and navigating jaundice.

From breastfeeding to baby care and CPR classes, we’ve got you covered! Learn from local experts and prepare for your baby’s arrival. Find more details and sign up for a class by visiting this website: www.texashealthflowermound.com/events.

Dr. Axline